Leighton Buzzard Market Deliveries

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Leighton Buzzard Market Deliveries

All of the market traders listed above are using the delivery service which is organised by Victoria Harvey.

The following market stalls are offering a direct delivery service and are listed separately on this website ...

- Little Shop of Cheese
- The Pet Stall

And we now have the live market back on Saturday and Tuesday (food only currently)

About Leighton-Linslade Helpers

Hello and welcome to your local community, Leighton-Linslade Helpers, a small group of individuals, dedicated to providing help and support over the coming weeks during this worldwide crisis.

As many of you know, a new virus unknown to our population, Covid19, is rapidly making its way across the planet and leaving hospitals and local communities devestated by the overwhelming numbers of people requiring help.

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Our Helpline 0300 300 8186
or 07517 851 382

E: help@leightonlinsladehelpers.org.uk

We hope be able to provide updates in the future of some kind. If you leave us your e-mail address we will be able to keep you updated.  We will not use your address for any other purpose without your permission.

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