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Omicrom Solutions

We are Omicron Solutions, but we just say “Omicron”. We are a Hertfordshire based IT support company with offices in St Albans. We’ve been providing innovative IT systems and solutions since 1993. Our team specialise in all aspects of Information Technology, whether you need instant IT Support, migration to the cloud, 365, or a complex network solution.

We are all about results, we are now focusing on our customer’s success more than ever by working alongside them in a collaboration with proactive systems and services. Our focus is not on what IT service you require but on how we can help your business succeed and grow.

We have a framework support system called HALO which makes our solutions revolutionary as it breaks down a complex collection of systems, services and solutions into clear implementation steps that we tailor for your business.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, get in contact today:

T: 01727 861 553


* During this lockdown period we are offering free advice / support, give us a call on: 01727 861 553 or email us here: *

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