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Tactic Centre - Teenage Advice & Information Centre

Young People can gain free advice and Information on a variety of topics, meet new people, receive 1:1 support, volunteer in their community and take part in fun holiday activities. In line with the current COVID-19 situation, please note that TACTIC is closed for any face to face contact. lso see our Facebook page & website for updates and information.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have put together some tips and links to resources to give you some advice. We're all in this together so please take a look and you may find some bits that will help with the new home dynamic.

The NSPCC - http://ow.ly/yxLv50zh2yk,
The British Psychological Society - http://ow.ly/yYlv50zh2ym,
The Muse - http://ow.ly/auTl50zh2yp a
The BBC - http://ow.ly/Jwxa50zh2yn

• Helping your children cope with anxiety around the current situation – from the NSPCC - http://ow.ly/knax50zh2yi

• Children, mental health and Coronavirus – from Young Minds -http://ow.ly/PNSu50zh2yj .

• Talking with others sharing the same difficulties – friends, colleagues or online forums such as MumsNet - http://ow.ly/yjql50zh2yl.

• Gingerbread – help and advice for single parents - http://ow.ly/nMWH50zh2yo

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