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Clipstone Dairy


07855 414088

Farm fresh dairy milk and eggs via vending machines. Apple juice and locally made cheese from our milk available occasionally. Our cows have been milked and the vending machine is stocked with the freshest milk you can buy! Our milk is pasteurised on-site and then transferred to the vending machine so has no food miles!
Opening Times:

7am - 7pm

Additional Information:

Clipstone Dairy, Clipstone, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 9NZ

Buy a glass recyclable bottle for £1.20 which you can take to the farm and re-use every time, reducing your single use plastic usage. If you are coming the the farm today, please remember: we are strictly following the guidelines set out by the government and public health authorities and will continue to closely monitor the situation. We already had a rigorous cleaning regime in place, including regular cleaning of payment screens, machines and surfaces which we will continue to prioritise.

Please adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rule when queuing at the vending machine - please monitor and follow NHS guidelines and continue to look after yourself and those in the community around you.


Clipstone Farm
Leighton Buzzard

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