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Home Start Children and Families Charity

We believe that every child deserves the best start in life.  Our family and children’s charity mission is –

- To safeguard, protect and preserve the physical and mental good health of children and parents

- To prevent cruelty to and maltreatment of children

- To relieve sickness, poverty and need amongst children and parents

- To promote good parenting

- To encourage and develop parent’s strengths and well-being for the ultimate benefit of the children

- To encourage families to widen their network of relationships and to effectively use services within the community

- To work towards the increased confidence and independence of families by offering support, friendship and practical assistance

That’s why our dedicated volunteers have been providing vital support services to local vulnerable families with young children since 1984!  Our Family & Children’s Charity covers Central Bedfordshire as well as Luton; supporting local children and empowering parents and families across the county. In May 2020 we will be launching our free presentation on understanding the teenage brain. The short video is aimed at helping parents to better understand the developing brain, how they can support their children during this stage as well as improve relationships. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!

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