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Ways to help us out...

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

We are now getting some financial donations in but of course, it will never be enough to fund all of the great work we would like to do in the area.

We have made it really easy for you to help us. If you want to send us some money, then you can do that on our GoFundMe page. We have already raised over £1100 from kind donations.

If you would prefer to buy us something that we need, then we have created an Amazon Wishlist with some of the operational and bulk foodstuffs that we need - you don't have to buy it from Amazon but this was just a useful way for us to show you what we need and make it easy to buy for us.

If you would like to buy some food and necessities for local people in need then you can purchase an e-gift card from any of the retailers listed below. (When you receive your confirmation e-mail forward it to

Don't feel limited by the above options though...stuff £20 notes in a old sock, create your own page and do a sponsored swim in the canal (well, maybe not the canal actually!) - we really appreciate your support and any help you are able to offer will be greatly appreciated.

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