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Fruit & Veg Deliveries from Leighton Market

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

We are able to offer a delivery service for our Fruit and Veg boxes from Darren on Leighton Market. Darren's Fruit and Veg stall is normally situated near Boots

You will need to place an order before 1 pm on Monday for delivery to your door on Thursday.

We will acknowledge your order request on Monday, but we won't know the exact availability of all items until Tuesday at the earliest, after which we will drop you an e-mail confirming your order with a final cost, reflecting any items which can't be supplied.

Payment is requested via bank transfer by Wednesday by 6 pm at the latest - the bank details will be included in the confirmation. Once we have your payment, we will confirm and your Fruit and Veg box will be delivered to your door on Thursday.

Please note that we also have to ask for a £1 contribution for delivery costs and this will be included in the cost of your final order total.

To place an order please e-mail, or call Victoria on 07815 817 108.


Our Mixed box of Fruit & Veg - £12 each

  • 1lb new potatoes

  • 3lb potatoes

  • 2lb carrots

  • 1lb onions

  • 1 cabbage

  • 2lb apples

  • 1lb pears

  • 1lb satsuma

  • 1 box grape (this may be mixed white & red)

  • Tomatoes


  • Extra strawberries £1.50

  • Blueberries £1.50

  • Raspberries £1.50

  • Bananas £1.50

  • Lettuce 80p each (variety will depend on what's in stock)

  • Whole cucumber 60p each

  • 2 Avocado £1.50

  • 2 Mango £1.50

  • 1lb Mushroom £1

  • Melon £1

  • 1lb Tomatoes £1

  • 1lb Parsnips £1

  • English Asparagus £1.80

  • 1lb Plums £1.50

  • Mixed peppers £2

  • Spinach £1.20

  • Spring Onions 80p

  • Cauliflower £1.50

  • Broccoli £1.50

Please note that there will be a £1.00 per order contribution towards the cost for delivery

To place an order please e-mail, or call Victoria on 07815 817 108.

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