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We're Right Here

On Monday 13th June Leighton Linslade Helpers was invited to attend a Campaign meeting in Parliament by the organisation We're Right Here. The Campaign is aimed at giving the decision-making back to local level because we know our communities needs, better than central government. People should have the power to shape the places where they live. We're Right Here, with help from community groups like us are calling for a Community Power Act, a major piece of legislation which would fundamentally change where power lies in this country. Those that attended the Campaign meeting signed a letter to Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, calling for the shift of power from central government back to our local communities. Leighton Linslade Helpers are very proud to be part of this campaign and will be fighting for more say on how we shape our community. You can follow We’re Right Here to see more of what they are doing, and you can sign the letter to Michael Gove.

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